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Devon Michaels video – Big black cock

There is something about Devon Michaels and this is probably her eagerness to get cocks as many times as possible! She doesn’t mind if they are black or white, small or big, but  as you are going to see in this Devon video, of course that she prefers the bigger ones, cause she is such a slut sometimes. For today, she is going to serve a black cock, cause the trembling in her pussy was more disturbing than usual so she needed to be sure that she is going to calm herself down, at least for a while. So what better chance for it than a black cock?

Have an amazing time watching her stuffing an enormous black tool deep into her tight pussy, just the way she likes it more than anything. She will finally get to have a proper hammering, like she wanted since she woke up this morning! Look at her, she is just melted after this black guy, cause he knows how to please her, for real! There is no way you won’t love this update cause there are a lot of nasty things to happen very soon, so watch it entirely, till the end! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow, for more impressive things! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the Amazing Astrid site and see a slutty lady showing off her impressive curves!

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Devon Michaels videos – Amazing 69

There is something about Devon Michaels and her unique way of having fun! She adores to fuck and get all the pleasure in the whole world. But, in the same time, she likes to spread this joy and excitement with the other people, she is not so selfish, just like Alison Tyler, cause she likes both to be pleased and to offer the most amazing pleasure ever. I suggest you to take your comfy sofa or chair and to relax watching this extraordinary Devon Michaels videos update, to see how she manages both to get her pussy licked and to blow this beautiful cock, in the same time.

Cause yes, 69 may be the perfect way to give a gift and receive some other one, in the same time. Just look at her how nice she can slide that colossal tool deep down her throat! She is surely a hell of a pro, cause not everybody could do that to a huge tool like this. Also, you will get to see how her tight pussy will be licked and eaten and how this guy will stuff his tongue into her vagina, while he will play for a while with his tongue around her clit! Have fun!

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Sharing a huge black cock with Katie Kox

There’s a lot going on on the latest Devon Michaels videos! Just sit tight and be patient cause in just a few moments you will be all sweaty and hard. For the following update, this sexy angel got ready to receive an immense black tool deep down her throat and, the most curious thing is that she actually made it! Who thought that such a small mouth can be so roomy! Devon and her friend Katie Kox decided to have fun today, but for this time, they chose a black guy, cause both of these two chicks were too horny to play with a regular cock.

They wanted something bigger, to be stuffed into their cunts, but also to please them for a while. So, after this guy arrived, they started to play and fool around, eating each other out. At first, Devin was fooling around with Katie while she woke up having that colossal black tool shoved deep down her throat. Of course she managed the things out, cause she is used to have such big tool into her jaws. Have fun with this naughty update to see what are these three going to do together, for you. Have a great time and don’t forget that you can find similar hardcore sex videos and pics inside the round and brown website!devon-michaels-and-katie-kox-sucking-a-black-cock

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Devon Michaels – Naughty threesome

It looks like Devon Michaels likes it all! Double dates, threesomes, gang bangs, single plays and everything. You will get to see the ultimate Devon porn update now and you will adore it! It has practically all! Two gorgeous babes, Devon and her best friend, a gorgeous busty blonde and their occasionally fuck buddy, a truly handsome guy who happen to own an immense tool! These three really connect with each other when they are in bed, just like this time. Devon really insisted that she wanted to have her pussy stuffed in the first place, since she was all horny and needy since the early morning, so her blonde friend was waiting with patience, in line, to receive that long awaited hammering she was craving for. devon-michaels-in-hardcore-threesomeJust look at this guy and how lucky he is: stuffing his huge tool into a pussy while sucking and licking another one, just as good and tight as the first one. He is truly fortunate, mainly because these two sizzling hot babes are going to do a lot more than that, they will do anything just to please him too, in return, as a favor for him being so naughty with them and giving them such a perfect pounding. Relax and have a great time with these three and their naughty latest sexual intercourse . This is such an amazing threesome, I totally recommend you to watch it entirely, cause there are going to happen a lot of kinky things! Enjoy watching the entire scene and don’t forget that you can find some similar videos and pics inside the blog, so check it out and have fun watching a horny blonde riding some big dicks!

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Devon’s sexy blonde friend

Devon Michaels and some other slutty babe are going to knock themselves out today, just for you! Now, who is the lucky son of a bitch? These two sluts are going to eat each other’s pussies and they are going to do it right in front of you, letting you notice all the details and all the fun they like to have. Devon’s friend happens to be a truly gorgeous babe with huge firm tits and super long legs and today she would like to spread those legs for Devon, just to make her some room to go there, to lick her warm pussy.

So, with that being said, I recommend you to watch the entire video carefully, to see how this blonde slut will get one of her legs up there, on the wall, allowing Devon to have a full access to her tight pussy. Devon is surely going to eat that pussy, lick it and stuff her tongue there, playing with that erect clit. It’s going to be really impressive and I am really happy to share it with you, cause I know you are going to adore the way that these two horny babes are going to eat their pussies! If you liked this scene click here and enjoy watching other horny lesbians licking each others pussies!sexy-devon-michaels-licking-a-hot-pussy

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Devon Michaels – Serving Asian cock

What do you think is Devon Michaels gonna have for dinner, today? She is going to serve some Asian and she is going to eat it all, that’s how hungry she is. The videos are gonna be a blast once again, exactly how you want it! For start, we should tell you that this hot babe met this Asian guy in the club last night so today they wanted to do a recap, to do it once again, for this time being sober. So they met at his place to have dinner together but in a very short time they started eating something else, cause they both were hungry, but they were craving something else. You should see how slutty Devin will get down on her knees, just to have a proper meeting with Mr Cock right there.

After she will make sure that he is big enough to get down there, at her pussy, Devon will let herself taking the most comfortable position, to spread her legs sufficiently enough to make room for that huge tool to get in, to be stuffed there, into that cozy place. Have fun watching this two fucking like two loony guys, enjoying every single moment of deep penetration, ending up having an amazing sexual climax. Both of them. Take a sit and enjoy the following video cause it’s going to be really amazing. Devon will be once again hammered big time and luckily we can see it all! Enjoy and have fun!devon-michaels-getting-asian-cock

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Hungry for a hard cock

Uh, it’s here! The most recent Devon Michaels pics gallery is already posted so sit tight and open your eyes, cause it’s extraordinary! Devon is going to impress you again with her natural skills in playing with cocks, her most beloved game. She really is made for this, just like naughty Christine Young, cause all the cocks that were in her hands or under her protection came out to have a well deserved happy ending. This guy, trust me, is one of the most lucky guys ever, just like the other ones that had the privilege to be with Devon, cause she really cares about man’s satisfaction and she always puts his needs first, before hers.

For example, before these two fucked, she wanted to please him first, giving him a very awesome blow job, just like she does best. She took care of that superb cock, playing with it for quite a time, going with her lips and mouth all over it, until she felt ready to stuff it into her wet muffin. Have fun watching this great update, to see what else is she going to do with that cock, how is she going to ride it for the next hours! Enjoy!

devon-michaels-sucking-a-guy busty-devon-michaels-riding-a-cock

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Devon Michaels – Fucked by a hot stud

There is a new Devon Michaels videos update ready, so here you go, just like you anticipated it! For this time, Devon is going to have her pussy totally banged by a hot stud, just the way she loves it most. At fist she played the innocent card, acting like she doesn’t want to fuck at the first date, but, come on, who doesn’t know Devon and how slutty she is? There is no one else to play this card, in this planet, cause everybody knows what is she capable of. Just wait and see this spectacular update and you will know exactly what am I talking about. At first, Devon came to take this guy from work, to give him a ride to the restaurant, but as she arrived there, he asked her to come in and wait for a couple of minutes for him to finish his work. horny-devon-michaels-fucked-by-a-studIn fact, the only thing he wanted was to get her inside and give her a proper pounding, just the way he was dreaming about the entire day. She was horny too and very attracted to him, cause he really gets everything she needed, so of course she jumped on him, taking off her clothes almost instantly. She bent over the desk, with her buttocks rise up just to offer him a super cool doggy style position. He started to shove his enormous tool into her tight cunt, stuffing it there on and on. Have fun with this stunning update! And if u liked it click here and watch another slutty chick getting her tight pussy stuffed!

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Hardcore sex with Julian Rios

You will have a great time watching Devon Michaels and Julian Rios having sex, cause they will have a great time and they will get to do it a lot this night. Since they were so horny the entire day they decided to have a little fun together. It wasn’t their first time they were doing it so they stopped acting like two adolescents. At first they started to kiss all over their firm smoking hot bodies. She loves to touch his abs and his perfect worked out shoulders and arms, his ebony skin, his firm tushie. He is also amazed of her awesomeness, he just loves to play with her impressive big boobs, to press them and to feel them in his palms.devon-michaels-fucked-by-julian-rios

But most of all, they like to cuddle together, so that’s why at first they tried this position. She was sitting on a side and he was holding her from behind, shoving that enormous tool into her warm pussy, not before playing for a little while with her wet muffin, shoving his fingers inside it, just to make sure she will be wet enough to receive that colossal tool in it. Stay here to see the rest of this scene, cause it’s going to be exactly like you want it! Lots of sex, naughty scenes, and action! Devon is going to really enjoy getting that proper hammering she was waiting for the entire day! She really needed to have her pussy stuffed, so have fun watching her! If u enjoyed this scene click here and have fun watching another slutty chick getting her wet pussy fucked!

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Devon Michaels – Face fucked

devon-michaels-licking-balls  devon-michaels-gets-mouthfucked

Hi guys! Welcome to the most recent Devon Michaels pics gallery, which happen to be today a lovely raid into Devon’s sexual life. Now she will let you admire her while she is shoving a colossal tool down her throat just like the ebony gaggers from ghettogaggers galleries.  She is really good at it, otherwise I don’t know how anyone with such a small mouth could stuff all that immense tool into such a tiny place. Her mouth is either very roomy, either Devon is the best one to do this kind of blowing job.

At first, she treated the balls, sucking them and licking them one by one and right after that she started to suck that cock from bottom till the top of it, going with her lips all over the place. In the end, she swallowed that immense thing basically all of it, with such a talent that the poor guy was nearly shocked. Luckily, in a good way, cause who wouldn’t like such a great deep throat, such an incredible performance! Stay tuned to see how her face will get deeply fucked and what kind of other nasty things will happen there! Enjoy her and this amazing scene!

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